QAI Software Testing Certifications -CMST, CSTE and CAST

While attending the recently concluded “9th Annual International Software Testing Conference in India 2009” organized by QAI, i came across a "new" Manager level certification program called Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST). Thought i'd share with readers of this blog while summarizing the current Software Testing certifications being offered by the Quality Assurance Institute.

QAI presently has three certification programs for Software Testers.

1.    CAST (Certified Associate in Software Testing)
  • foundation level

  • targeted at folks who are relatively new to testing

  • costs approximately US$ 200

  • exam format: 1.5 hours examination, two parts of 45 minutes each, multiple choice questions

2.    CSTE (Certified Software Tester)
practitioner level
targeted at experienced software testers, test leads and test architects

  • costs approximately US$ 350

  • exam format: 4 hours examination, 2 subjective parts of 75 minutes each, 2 objective parts of 60 minutes each

3.    CMST (Certified Manager of Software Testing)

  • managerial level

  • targets Software Test Managers and Software Project Managers – both folks who are presently working at these levels or expected to work at the management level

  • costs approximately US$ 600

  • exam format: Written documentation supporting real-world experience in Software Testing, four part subjective examination
Note that the prices are indicative and can vary. The CMST exam is presently being offered at an introductory price of US$ 450. All programs offer a PDF version of the CBoK. For more &updated information on these programs, eligibility requirements, etc. refer the software certifications web site  -